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hey. I'm NUR syuhadah,, adah for short, sweet 15teen, before u close this site, make sure u click the button that give nasme "FOLLOW" yah.. i will follow u back.. Tq :D

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Rotten Things
November 2011 | December 2011 |

perangsang untuk aku pmr
adah the new


perangsang untuk aku pmr
Written at Wednesday, 28 December 2011 | back to top

Urm thun dpan nk PMR kne bljar btul 2 klau x cm mne nk dpat result yg TERBAIK .... esk dh mle tuisyen aduh mlz nye nk ge ... bnyk pkare yg aq kne lupakn x bleh tngok tb crte korea .. x bleh on9 skunk ne aq nk wt kn akak cdare (blog) aq sbagai prngsang untk aq brjaya sbab dy dpat 7A 1B dlm result PMR 2011 .. aq hrap aq bleh dpat lbih dri uw atau pn lbih dri uw 

adah the new
Written at Friday, 25 November 2011 | back to top

hey aku bru brblog..
follow la klau nk.. free jer..
hee.. be a nice person yeah